Embracing Arms of diamonds, hence the name “Embrace”.
The Embrace can be worn as an engagement ring as well as a dress ring. The diamonds in the shoulders are thread set, adding milgrain on the sides will give the Embrace an antique look, Art Deco flavour.
Our designs are a true reflection of what we believe to be current, modern, yet classic, we do not believe in designing jewellery that will simply date in 20 years, the emphasis is always on the diamonds rather than the metal.
Each diamond is handpicked to be exceptional, the diamond setting in our pieces of jewellery is done by the top diamond setters in Australia.
Metal: Available in Platinum, 18k White Gold, 18k Yellow Gold or 18k Rose Gold.
Cost: The setting will cost $2800.
Plus the cost of any centre diamond up to 2ct in size.
Customisation: We can have the Embrace ring set with any shape of diamond you like and The band can be made finer or wider. 

Resizing a ring

A common question that concerns a lot of people is the sizing process, almost all engagement rings can be resized larger or smaller, especially if the difference is only a couple of sizes.

To make a ring smaller, a piece of the metal down the base of the band is cut out, the band squeezed together and soldered to each other seamlessly, leaving no marks behind.

In case of making it larger, a piece of Gold or Platinum is added to the bottom, and the ends are soldered seamlessly, white gold rings will need to be polished and plated, whilst Yellow gold or Rose Gold will only need a polish.