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Finding the right diamond for you

When using our search form, please be aware there are very important things to consider. Is the diamond certified? Does it have inclusions / marks in it that I could see to my eye? How well is the diamond cut? These are all important questions that need to be answered before you purchase your diamond. Our friendly staff are happy to help with any questions you have regarding any diamond listed.

Looking for a spectacular diamond to create a knockout engagement ring or anniversary necklace? At Australian Diamond Brokers we make it easy for you to select the most stunning white, pink or coloured diamonds from our extensive collection. No matter what your budget is, we can help you find a diamond that you and your loved one will treasure for a lifetime.


Choosing a diamond

When choosing a diamond there are a few important elements to consider. First and foremost, you should figure out your budget before you start looking. Once you know how much you want to spend, you can then start looking at different diamonds to find one you simply love that’s within your price range.


When choosing a diamond you need to consider:

  • Shape – Different shapes that diamonds are available include: round, pear, princess, marquise, oval, radiant, emerald, heart, cushion and asscher.
  • Size (carats) – The size of the diamond, measured in carats, refers to the weight of the stone. Diamonds can be a fraction of a carat or several carats.
  • Colour – Colour is more about the lack of a presence of colour when it comes to white diamonds. White diamonds with subtle brown or yellow tones are less valuable that those that are colourless. The colour of a diamond is graded on a scale. This scale is only used for ‘white’ or ‘colourless’ diamonds, and doesn’t apply to fancy coloured diamonds or pink diamonds.
  • Clarity – Clarity refers specifically to the inclusions within a diamond. Most inclusions need to be seen with magnification before becoming apparent. These inclusions can disrupt the brilliance of the diamond, and therefore the more inclusions the lower the cost of the diamond.
  • Cut – The cut of a diamond references the way that the diamond was cut to optimise its brilliance, sparkle and fire.


Buying a diamond from Australian Diamond Brokers

Since 1977, Australian Diamond Brokers have been helping Australians source beautiful, extraordinary diamonds. We are not only passionate about diamonds, but we have the knowledge and experience you can trust. With our in-house certified diamond graders and award winning design team, you can be sure that every time you browse our website, phone or visit us, you’ll always receive honest, reliable information from our team of dedicated professionals.

Not sure yet how to start your diamond search? Why not begin by browsing our website at your leisure and take a look at our search for a diamond online tool. There you can specify what you are looking for and your budget to see what diamonds we have available.

Call us today to make an appointment or drop into our showroom located between Chanel & Bvlgari at 70 Castlereagh Street, Sydney CBD. We are open from 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday, or by appointment 5pm – 7pm Thursday evenings and 10.30am – 2:30pm Saturdays. We looking forward to helping you source a unique, special diamond for a milestone jewellery piece or simply just because.

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