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Aram Mikael
Best range of Engagement Rings in Sydney! Top quality with top service!
Mario Del Monte
We have been married for 45 marvellous years, my beautiful wife was very excited to receive her solitaire diamond engagement / wedding & eternity... rings back then - they were small diamonds by todays standard.My intention was to getter her a bigger and better diamonds - there was never the right time to update the ring , there was always something else to spend the money on etc etc- there, was always a reluctance to give someone the ring - just in case they lost it or changed it for a Zirconias - you all know what that is like - "Mistrust" .We finally agreed that for our 45th anniversary I would update my wife's Engagement, Wedding & Eternity rings - my wife had a distinctive and original design in mind to suite her current needs, which incorporated all her existing diamonds, plus an additional 5 larger various cuts of diamonds into one ring.We went to a couple of jewellers - we just couldn't feel comfortable or happy with what they came up with, wether it was the design, cost or trustworthiness or lack of interest - it all seemed too hard.My wife then found Australian Diamond Brokers, she searched their incredible website for the types of Diamonds she wanted all with GIA Certification - not only did they supply great diamonds they also designed and made the rings all in house.We made an appointment and went to their elegant and secure office in the City - their Jewellery was absolutely incredible , we met a wonderful young gentlemen Robert, he put both my wife and myself at ease immediately, he listened intently to my wife requests - we agreed on the design , the diamonds - we were blown away by the quality and the professionalism and the friendliness the whole team gave both my wife and I.Robert had prepared a draft of the ring for my wife to try on, it was exactly as my wife had requested.Two weeks later we returned - the actual ring was absolutely phenomenal-such brilliance, and perfection my wife cried with excitement and pride on having this beautiful piece of Jewellery.We left Australian Diamond Traders with a sense of great satisfaction and a feeling we have made lifelong friendships with the director Varoujan, his Son and Robert .I cannot more highly recommend Australian Diamond Brokers for anything you want wether its something simple, something special or unique - they are the best - My wife is already thinking of other items she would like made, modified or recycled.Go for it - you will not be sorry !!!read more
Gerosha Naicker
My fiancé surprised me with a stunning engagement ring from ABD and said the service provided by Garren was nothing short of amazing! A few days... after our engagement I met Garren & Varoujan, we looked at the sizing which was done during our visit because they knew I would want to have it for the weekend to show to my family! So thoughtful, which not many jewellers would do, I think it was obvious we were still enjoying the feeling of being engaged 🙂 Their boutique is beautiful and highly recommend if you want a personal more
Basil Paffas
Alex .Chong
bought engagement ring and wedding rings here. Happy with the rings and the service
Lyndhurst Cattle
Great people and great service.
Nichola Grieve
Fantastic service! Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you for designing my dream ring!
Elizabeth Poate
Our family has been a client of Australian Diamond Brokers for 20 years.We have had so many beautiful pieces created for me and for our daughters... over the years.The service given to us by Varoujan, Robert and Garren is exemplary and the workmanship is faultless.If you are looking for high quality beautiful jewellery this is the the only place you need to more

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Round Cut Diamonds

The Round Brilliant Cut was developed by Marcel Tolkowsky around 1919 as part of his PhD thesis in mathematics. Tolkowsky developed the Round Brilliant Cut ...

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Princess Cut Diamonds

The name “Princess Cut” was originally used in connection with another diamond cut, otherwise known as the “Profile” cut, designed by Arpad Nagy, a London ...

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Pear Shape Diamonds

The pear shaped diamond is also called the “tear drop diamond” because of its shape. The pear shaped diamond is a combination of the round ...

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Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds have beautiful brilliance similar to a round diamond. Oval diamonds are also very popular as their length can accentuate the long, slender fingers ...

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Marquise Diamonds

An elongated shape with pointed ends inspired by the fetching smile of the “Marquise de Pompadour” and commissioned by the sun king, France’s Louis XIV, ...

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Heart Shape Diamonds

Though a technical description of the heart shaped diamond is anything but sentimental (the heart shaped diamond is essentially a pear shape with a cleft ...

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Emerald Cut Diamonds

Choosing an emerald cut diamond As illustrated above an Emerald cut comes in different shapes, The shape that suits you right is a choice that Emerald ...

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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Beginnings and rise in popularity of cushion cut diamonds When the cushion cut was developed a few hundred years ago, the dominant style of diamond faceting ...

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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Developed in 1902 by the Asscher family, the asscher is a “stepped” square cut. As seen in the picture below the linear diamond features straight ...

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