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Halo Rings

Halo settings feature a single diamond or gemstone in the centre, which is then completely surrounded by smaller diamonds. These round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds as they are called, highlight and draw focus to the centre stone when they reflect light. This creates a brilliant sparkle and gives the illusion that the central diamond is larger than its actual size.

The central stone is often a colourless diamond, but it’s now also common to see a fancy coloured diamond or other precious gemstone like a sapphire in the centre. And the surrounding pavé diamonds or gemstones can offer contrast to the design, with rubies and sapphires frequently used in a halo design to surround a colourless white diamond.

The origins of the classic halo setting can be traced back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s, when the emphasis on geometric symmetry made the halo design of concentric circles surrounding a central stone ideal for Art Deco aesthetics.

Halo engagement rings

The halo setting is a popular choice for engagement rings because of the myriad of options available to customise the ring’s design. While some of the most popular halo designs feature a round, princess cut or cushion shaped diamond, a range of different diamond shapes are used in this classic and much loved style of setting. For example, oval, emerald, and marquise diamonds can also be used.

The number of halos around the central stone is also something to consider. For very small central stones, double or triple halos are often used to make the stone appear much larger.

At Australian Diamond Brokers, our expert jewellers specialise in designs that are not only spectacular, but entirely unique and we can create an engagement ring for you that encapsulates your love for one another in a stunning halo design.

An eye-catching design is the product of quality stones and superior craftsmanship and at Australian Diamond Brokers, we have both in abundance. All we require from you is your ideas and your passion to communicate your love through the perfect engagement ring.

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Jewellery specialists you can trust

For over 30 years, Australian Diamond Brokers has been helping Australian couples select and customise their very own jewellery. We are not only passionate about what we do, but we also have the expertise to ensure you’ll always receive the highest quality for your budget, as we source only the highest quality stones across all price points.

If you’re considering a halo setting for your engagement ring, our award winning design team can guide you through the process to ensure you’ll select a halo setting that optimises your chosen diamonds or gemstones from every conceivable angle.

Whether you’re looking specifically for a halo diamond ring or are still unsure about whether you want a colourless or fancy coloured diamond for your setting, come and speak to us today and find out why so many Australians choose Australian Diamond Brokers as their preferred and trusted jeweller.

Make your dream a sparkling reality

If you’re ready to begin exploring your options together, we urge you to visit our Sydney showroom, located conveniently in the CBD between Chanel and Bvlgari at 70 Castlereagh Street, opposite the MLC Centre.

We’re open every weekday from 9am to 5pm, or by appointment from 5pm to 7pm Thursday evenings and 10.30am to 3pm Saturdays. You can also call us any time during business hours on 02 9232 2328.

We’re excited to meet you and begin the creative journey together, so contact us soon at Australian Diamond Brokers, one of Australia’s leading providers of quality diamond and gemstone jewellery.

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