The ADB Experience

The Australian Diamond Brokers Experience

“We were thrilled when a diamond expert actually sat with us for 45 minutes, explained how to hold a magnifying glass to our eye and actually examine diamonds”

This is what one of my customers said to her friend when she went back home. I thought to myself and I felt so proud, I felt I had done the right thing by my customer. My approach to business has always been do the right thing by the customer, to take your time and educate them as much as you can. It is our company mission statement and aim to make the experience about the customer, to let the customer feel that they are the centre of the universe and that you care and to create a masterpiece they will wear with pride for the rest of their life.

At Australian Diamond Brokers we pride ourselves in

  • Thorough explanation of how the diamond world works.
  • The effect of the 4 C s on the price of the diamond.
  • Magnification and the use of Microscopes.
  • GIA verses other certificates.
  • Si verses VS clarities.
  • The excellent cut definition and in practice.
  • Fluorescence explained.
  • Size versus weight.

We promise to make the diamond or jewellery buying experience a pleasant and educational one. What differentiates us from other diamond sellers is our…

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Service

And of course our amazing prices that are some of most competitive in the world. Unlike our competitors, most of our diamonds are available in our store for our clients to view. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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