Engagement ring trends


Solitaire Engagement Rings Has the Solitaire Engagement Ring lost its appeal? Australian Diamond Brokers is a leading Sydney based Engagement ring designer and supplier. We’re in constant touch with today’s engaging couples, and see trends merge on a ...Read more

Solitaire vs Three Stone: What Ring Should I Buy?

Australian Diamond Brokers - Solitaire vs Three Stone What Ring Should I Buy

Ready to pop the question? Choosing between a solitaire or a three-stone setting for an engagement ring can be both exciting and terrifying. When buying an engagement ring, you should do your research and look at how much you can afford. Once you have dec...Read more

What You Need to Know About Black Diamonds

Australian Diamond Brokers - What You Need to Know About Black Diamonds

While there are many different coloured diamonds out there, the demand for black diamonds is on the rise. The popularity for non-conventional engagement rings has increased in recent years, so the market for black diamonds has burgeoned. Not only can they...Read more

Engagement Ring Metal Guide

Australian Diamond Brokers - Engagement Ring Metal Guide

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring for that special someone, the number of metal options may seem confusing. This is a huge decision and getting the right ring says a lot about your love and partnership. The gesture of giving a beautiful ring t...Read more

A Guide to Understanding Diamond Clarity

Australian Diamond Brokers - A Guide to Understanding Diamond Clarity

Even the finest of natural diamonds has it’s own imperfections. As a diamond is conceived under heat and pressure within the earth it forms a number of “birthmarks”. Flaws found on the inside are called inclusions and the ones discovered on the surf...Read more

The Diamond Colour Guide

australiandiamondbrokers - Engagement-ring

After sparkle, our eye is drawn to colour. Paradoxically, the colour grade of a diamond is based on the lack of colour present. To put it simply, it’s more about what you can’t see than what it is that you can. Out of the Four Cs (cut, clarity, colour...Read more

A Guide to Diamond Cuts

A Guide to Diamond Cuts

When you consider a diamond’s cut you may think of round, heart or princess cut, and other shapes like marquise, pear or cushion, but that’s not really what understanding diamond cut is all about. You’re not alone; most people often mistake a diamon...Read more

Diamond Carat Weight Explained

Diamond Carat Weight Explained

Think of diamonds, think of carats. In fact, generally the carat is the first thing people enquire about. However, the carat is the most misunderstood characteristic of the 4Cs: carat, cut, clarity and colour. The term ‘carat’ originated with early ge...Read more

Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

australiandiamondbrokers - Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

Diamonds may be forever, but settings, colours and cuts come and go. Finding the ‘one’ (diamond ring that is) can be hard. Not only because you have to make sure it’s right in every way, but also because it’s going to be on that ring finger foreve...Read more

The Largest Pink Diamonds Ever Found in Australia

australiandiamondbrokers - The Largest Pink Diamonds Ever Found in Australia

You might already know that around 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds is found in the Argyle mine in Western Australia, although they can also be found in Brazil, Russia, Siberia, South Africa and Canada. Pink diamonds are very rare, expensi...Read more