Jewellery Designers


Meet the jewellery designers behind the one of a kind creations at Australian Diamond Brokers.


Robert has been a dynamic addition to the Australian Diamond Brokers team. Since joining the business well over a decade ago in 2003, his trade expertise is diamond setting. Paralleling his trade from the setting bench Robert has an extensive knowledge of diamonds which he shares passionately with new Australian Diamond Brokers clients. From buying stock to what suits best worn, whilst making sure it meets you personal price requirement, his patience and warm personality ensures confidence as he explains every facet of your purchase.


A diamond setter of 35 years, he has been one of Australia’s best diamond setters since 1984. In 2005 he graduated from Antwerp’s high diamond council as a diamond Grader. Varoujan also graduated from the advanced diamond grading course at GIA USA.


Garren has had a love for diamonds since he was 8 years old – when Varoujan his father used to bring special diamonds from all over the world home for him to analyse and grade. He would spend hours viewing and assessing diamonds under magnification as a young boy, mesmerized by their beauty. A diamond specialist, In 2012 Garren graduated top of his class from GIA – Gemmological Institute of America and is a master diamond grader with a deep passion for diamonds. In 2012 Garren also graduated from a 12 week intensive course in jewellery design organized by the Gemmological Association of Australia

Garren’s understanding of Cut, Clarity and Colour of a diamond is unparalleled.
His big smile, personable and patient nature and excessive knowledge makes him an absolute authority in his field. Garren has been an exceptional addition to the Australian Diamond Broker’s team since joining in 2012. Pictured below is Garren’s Pink Butterfly he designed and made for his customers Dr Ismail and Dr Anita.

We at Australian diamond brokers take pride in what we do.

Our motto is: Integrity Honesty and Quality