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An exquisite selection by Australian Diamond Brokers

Looking for a beautiful white diamond engagement ring that will blow her away? At Australian Diamond Brokers our award winning design team have created an elegant range of traditional and contemporary engagement rings featuring a selection of exquisite white diamonds.

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Our range of white diamond engagement rings are a stunning example of our exquisite collections. Come in to our store now for your free consultation.

White diamonds

The most traditional and highly sought after diamond is the white or colourless diamond. While coloured diamonds contain impurities or structural defects that cause their colouration, pure white diamonds are transparent and colourless.
The most common impurity in a diamond is nitrogen, which creates a slight to intense yellow colour, depending on the amount of nitrogen present. White diamonds contain no nitrogen and are therefore completely colourless in their purest form.

The grades for diamonds range from ‘D’ (colourless) to ‘Z’ (dark yellow) and the closer to colourless a diamond is, the more rare and expensive it becomes. A near colourless diamond can appear whiter when it is set in platinum or white gold, while yellow gold settings tend to complement diamonds with lower colour ratings.

Famous white diamonds in history include the Star of Africa, the Porter Rhodes Diamond, the Jubilee Diamond and more recently, Elizabeth Taylor’s famous Krupp Diamond and Taylor-Burton Diamond.

White diamond engagement rings

An engagement ring is a symbol of your future together and the love you share for one another and is something to be displayed proudly and treasured for a lifetime. And while all kinds of diamonds are used in engagement rings, white diamonds are among the most popular.

But if your budget won’t stretch to a white diamond in the D to F range, those with a rating between G and J can offer excellent value for money, as while they have some colour (which makes them less expensive), it is typically undetectable to the naked eye.

The perfect ring is a combination of high quality diamonds and expert craftsmanship and at Australian Diamond Brokers, our jewellers can create a design for you that displays your chosen white diamond(s) to stunning advantage.

One of Australia’s leading diamond providers

Established in Sydney in 1977, Australian Diamond Brokers’ extensive knowledge in diamond grading has seen us become one of the most trusted diamond providers in the country.

We can help you purchase the best diamonds possible for your needs and budget and our expert jewellery designers can help you create a setting worthy of their display.

You will no doubt have many questions and we invite you to visit our showroom and chat with one of our designer jewellers. It is important to us that you are comfortable with your buying decision and when you come in for an obligation-free consultation, you’ll soon discover why so many people have chosen us over hundreds of others.

We treat all of our guests with integrity and care and your buying experience will not only be enjoyable and informative but will hopefully result in you finding a diamond and ring design that will be the delight of your loved one.

At Australian Diamond Brokers, we pride ourselves on abiding by the Kimberley Process and only dealing in conflict-free diamonds, so you can buy with confidence from us, knowing our diamonds are all ethically sourced from trusted suppliers.

Take the first step on your journey together

To make your engagement dream a reality, we invite you to visit us at our Sydney showroom. We are conveniently located in the Sydney CBD opposite the MLC centre at 70 Castlereagh Street.

Our showroom is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or you can make an appointment to see us between 5pm and 7pm on Thursday evenings or 10.30am to 3pm on Saturdays. You can also call us during business hours on 02 9232 2328.

We’re confident we can help you find or create an engagement ring that you and your loved one will treasure for a lifetime and we look forward to meeting you soon at Australian Diamond Brokers.

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