Ruby Engagement Rings


Rubies are the most valuable members of the Corundum mineral species, which also includes sapphires. The strength of their lush red colour depends on how much chromium is present and the more chromium they contain, the stronger and more intense their rich red hue.

The most famous rubies sourced from locations such as Myanmar, the Himalayas and north Vietnam are found in layers of marble and these rubies have a vibrant red glow, unlike those found in basalt rock, which have a darker and less intense hue.

Early cultures treasured rubies for their similarity to human blood and believed rubies held the power of life itself. Since then, these hauntingly beautiful gems have featured throughout history, being mentioned in the Bible and by Roman scholars and revered by Hindus who offered rubies to the god Krishna in the hope that they would be reborn as emperors.

And rubies retain their importance and significance today, with desire for them as great as it has ever been. A symbol of passion, wealth, and success, they are considered an ideal romantic gift, particularly for those who are about to be wed.

Ruby engagement rings

A ruby engagement ring is a ring set with a ruby in the centreand the most popular cut is the oval shaped ruby, closely followed by round and cushion cut rubies.

As more women look for a more fashionable alternative to the traditional diamond ring, ruby engagement rings are growing in popularity and Australian Diamond Brokers take great pride in sourcing only the most spectacular gemstones, whether they be rubies, aquamarines, sapphires or emeralds.

Whether it’s set with a rare pigeon blood Burmese ruby or something for a more modest budget, our jewellery designers have created some of the most beautiful ruby engagement rings in the world and we can do the same for you and your loved one.

When you visit us for a consultation, you will be treated with the utmost integrity. That’s because we know that getting engaged is a very special milestone in your life and we want to ensure that your buying experience with us is an informative and memorable occasion.

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Australian Diamond Brokers was established in 1977 and our 30 years of industry experience has seen us grow to become one of the foremost jewellery designers in the country.

We can help you choose the perfect diamonds or gemstones for your engagement and we can work with you to create an engagement ring that displays them to their very best advantage.

When you visit our Sydney showroom and talk with our jewellery experts, we’ll ensure you are completely comfortable with your buying decision and endeavour to make your experience not only a helpful and informative one, but an enjoyable one as well.

Each of our guests is treated with care and integrity and when you attend your obligation-free consultation, you’ll realise why so many people choose the assistance of Australian Diamond Brokers during this very special time in their lives.

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