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Wedding rings

Wedding rings have always symbolised perpetual love, with cultures as far back as the ancient Egyptians believing they were symbols of eternity and that the ring finger of the left hand was connected directly to the heart by a special vein known as the Vena Amoris.

With such significance attached to them, it’s no wonder then that the search for the perfect wedding rings is undertaken with such dedication by couples about to be wed. And if you and your intended are looking for rings which perfectly symbolise your future together, then make Australian Diamond Brokers your first destination.

Our award-winning designer jewellers have created a magnificent range of traditional and contemporary wedding rings, featuring a selection of exquisite white, pink and yellow diamonds and beautiful gemstone rings featuring sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Choosing the right wedding ring

There are many factors to consider when searching for the perfect wedding ring including the diamond or gem, the type of setting, the style of ring, and the metals it is made from. And once you’ve settled on a budget, all these other choices come down to personal preference.

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming because at Australian Diamond Brokers, we’re here to help. We can discuss your ideas and talk through the specifications with you, or if you aren’t decided on a style, we can answer any questions you may have and offer suggestions and advice to help get you started.

Types of wedding rings

The saying diamonds are forever is particularly apt when it comes to betrothal, as diamond wedding rings are by far the most popular choice. And if you have your heart set on nature’s finest of stones, then there are three main areas to focus on:

  • The kind of diamond – consider the colour (the less colour, the more value), the cut (how much sparkle it will have), the clarity (less imperfections mean more value), the carat (the more weight, the greater the value), the shape (round, oval, emerald, heart etc), the fluorescence (the light emitted under UV) and the certification (how the diamond has been graded).
  • The kind of ring – consider the metal the ring is made from such as platinum (a natural white metal renowned for strength and purity), yellow or white gold (a more budget-conscious choice), rose gold (beautiful rosy tones that flatter many skin types), palladium (lustrous silver-white metal that won’t tarnish) and titanium (strong and light with a cool grey or black finish)
  • The kind of setting – consider the type of setting including prong (metal claws that grip the diamond), bezel (a thin metal rim encircling the diamond), tension (a metal band holds the diamond in place), channel (stones set together in grooves), pave (small diamonds held by mini prongs), halo (small stones placed around a centre stone), cathedral (the diamond is mounted on arches of metal), bar (diamonds are set between vertical metal bars), flush (the diamond sits flush with the band) and cluster (small stones clustered together to resemble one large diamond).

Unique custom designs

If you have an idea for your own unique wedding bands, our expert team can work with you to create something truly special that you’ll cherish forever. Whatever your needs and desires, we can fulfil them at Australian Diamond Brokers.

We can begin the process by first viewing designs similar to what you are seeking and incorporating ideas into your envisaged design. And once we’ve sketched out the look you’re after, we can then source the right diamond(s) to perfectly match the design.

And you can buy with confidence from us, because in accordance with the Kimberley Process, we only deal in conflict-free diamonds and our stones are all ethically sourced from trusted suppliers.

Unrivalled craftsmanship and value

At Australian Diamond Brokers, we realise that getting married is one of the most exciting times in your life and finding the perfect wedding bands should be a joyous and memorable occasion. Which is why we ensure each of our customers receives the highest level of service every time they visit our showroom or contact us with an enquiry.

To get a real feel for our stunning range of wedding rings, we invite you to call into our Sydney showroom in the heart of the CBD on Castlereagh Street between Bvlgari and Chanel. With more than 30 years of industry experience, more people choose Australian Diamond Brokers for our unrivalled craftsmanship and value. So call in soon and talk to our jewellery designers about creating wedding rings that both of you will wear proudly for the rest of your lives.

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