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Buying a Pink Diamond

At Australian Diamond Brokers we take great pride in our Argyle Pink Diamond Collection. We understand that not only does your pink diamond have to be a long term investment, but it also has to be something you can be proud of. We hand pick and sort through a large number of potential pink diamonds before we decide to purchase one for our collection. We are also one of the few stockists of Argyle Red Diamonds.

Pink Diamonds are one of the rarest and most treasured diamond colours in the world. In recent years they have commanded some of the highest prices per carat ever paid. The Argyle pink diamond has reached rare collector status.

These are some of our most prestigious and important pink diamonds, including two from the 2012 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender and one from the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamond Mini Tender.

Gorgeous, bright purplish pink radiant diamond

0.59ct 3PP gorgeous, bright purplish pink radiant diamond

0.50 4PP collectable Emerald with strong pink colour

0.50 4PP gorgeous Emerald with strong pink colour

0.33ct, 2PP round brilliant Argyle Mini Tender


At Australian Diamond Brokers the majority of our Pink diamonds are very high intensity and very rare. Due to our reputation we have a high demand from customers to only buy their Argyle Pink Diamonds exclusively from us, and we have many return customers. The majority of our investment grade Argyle Pink Diamonds that we stock are very quickly sold to customers in waiting, therefore our stock is constantly changing and being updated.

The fact that Argyle Pink Diamond production might come to an end is not a myth, with projections estimating the mine will be shutting in the next couple of years. Over the past 15 or so years, the majority of investment grade pink diamonds that were purchased have multiplied in price by more than double, and more than threefold on many occasions.

Do not hesitate to call us on (02) 9232 2328 with if you are interested or to learn more. We will follow up every lead possible to get you what you want, even if it is not currently listed in stock.


Argyle Pink Diamond Colour Differences

For years the white diamond was considered the world’s most beautiful diamond, until the discovery of the Australian Argyle mine heralded the arrival of the Argyle Pink diamond. Never before had pink diamonds displaying such intense shades of colour been seen. The pink diamonds of India, Brazil and Africa were characteristically light in colour and paled in comparison when placed beside the intensely pink and vivid Argyle diamonds.

Natural Fancy coloured diamonds have in fact been around as long as the classical whites but in much smaller quantities and never in great demand until recently.

Grading Pink diamonds is a little different than grading white diamonds. When grading fancy pink coloured diamonds you must, more than any other factor, take particular care when assessing their colour. This is done by considering factors such as the hue, tone, and saturation of the colour. More than any other factor, pink diamond prices per carat are determined by the intensity of colour. See below for the Argyle Pink diamond colour chart highlighting the differences in colour intensity.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Image courtesy of Argyle Pink Diamonds website

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