Buying a Pink Diamond

Buying a pink diamond

Pink diamonds are among the rarest and most treasured diamonds anywhere in the world. In recent years they have commanded some of the highest prices per carat ever paid and the Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine, in particular has now reached rare collector status.

At Australian Diamond Brokers, we take great pride in our Pink Diamond collection. We understand that not only does your pink diamond have to be maintain it’s value, it also has to be something that you can be proud of. We sort through a large number of potential diamonds before deciding on those to purchase for our collection.

The majority of our pink diamonds are very high intensity and very rare and due to our reputation for only providing the best, we have many return customers who will only buy their Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine exclusively from us.

Over the past 15 or so years, the majority of pink diamonds that were purchased have multiplied in price by more than double and more than threefold on many occasions. And they will only become rarer and even more valuable in the future, with production of Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine predicted to end within the next couple of years.

These are some of our most prestigious and important pink diamonds from the Argyle mine, including two from the 2012 Pink Diamond Tender and one from the 2017  Pink Diamond Mini Tender.

Gorgeous, bright purplish pink radiant diamond

0.59ct 3PP gorgeous, bright purplish pink radiant diamond

0.50 4PP collectable Emerald with strong pink colour

0.50 4PP gorgeous Emerald with strong pink colour

0.33ct, 2PP round brilliant Mini Tender



Princess empress Regal

Pink Diamond colour differences

For years the white diamond was considered the world’s most beautiful diamond, until the discovery of the Australian Argyle mine heralded the arrival of the Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Never before had pink diamonds displaying such intense shades of colour been seen. The pink diamonds of India, Brazil, and Africa were characteristically light in colour and they paled in comparison when placed beside the intensely pink and vivid diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Grading pink diamonds is a little different from grading white diamonds, as pink diamond prices per carat are determined by their intensity of colour rather than their lack of it. And you must take particular care when assessing their colour, much more than any other factor, considering aspects such as the hue, the tone and the saturation of the colour.

Australia’s leading diamond experts

Australian Diamond Brokers have been helping individuals and couples source the best pink diamonds at the best prices since 1977. And you can be confident that when you buy from us, you’re purchasing conflict-free diamonds in accordance with the Kimberley Process and that all of our diamonds come from trusted and ethical sources.

When you visit our Sydney showroom for your obligation-free consultation, you will be warmly greeted and treated with integrity and respect and we will make every effort to ensure your buying experience is both an informative and memorable one.

We want you to be totally comfortable with your buying decision and when you consult with our jewellery experts, you’ll soon begin to realise why Australian Diamond Brokers is the go-to diamond purveyor for those seeking quality and value along with expert advice.

Come and see our range for yourself

Our Sydney showroom is located in the heart of the CBD, at 70 Castlereagh Street, opposite the MLC centre, between Chanel and Bvlgari. We invite you to drop in and view our range on any week day between 9am and 5pm, or you’re welcome to book for a personal consultation on Thursday evenings between 5 and 7pm or Saturdays between 10.30am and 3pm. You can also give us a call any time during business hours on 02 9232 2328.

We’re confident we can help you find that perfect diamond you’re looking for and the perfect setting to display it at its finest and we look forward to helping you create something truly special very soon at Australian Diamond Brokers.