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Diamond shapes
The shape of a diamond is the form it has when viewed from above. A diamond can be any number of shapes depending on the cut and the customer’s taste, with the more popular shapes being round, oval, pear, heart, princess, marquise, emerald, cushion, asscher, and radiant.

Round is by far the most popular diamond shape and the reason it is chosen more than any other shape is because it tends to offer the most amount of sparkle and shimmer. These days however, more buyers also opt for alternative shapes such as princess and radiant with their contemporary angular beauty and of course, heart shaped diamonds for their timeless romantic appeal.
Popular diamond shapes
Some of the most popular diamond shapes available include;

Round – the most commonly chosen shape, renowned for its superior brilliance and excellent light refraction properties.
Oval – with an elongated shape, an oval diamond can appear larger than a round diamond of equal carat weight.
Pear – (also known as tear drop) a cross between a round and a marquise cut, resembling a drop of water with a single point and a rounded end.
Heart – this is one of the most difficult shapes to cut and also one of the most popular.
Princess – this cut ranges from perfectly square (the most desirable) to more rectangular variations which decrease in value.
Marquise – an elongated cut with gracefully pointed ends for dramatic appeal.
Emerald – this is normally rectangular with bevelled corners and step facets. It has a large table surface and provides an abundance of reflections through its long straight lines.
Cushion – a more vintage version of a round diamond, cut into a square or rectangle with rounded corners and sides.
Asscher – this cut has uniquely angled and cropped corners which give it a unique, timeless quality.
Radiant – this is a hybrid of the round and emerald cuts, with a square, near-square, or rectangular orientation.

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