Developed in 1902 by the Asscher family, the asscher is a “stepped” square cut. As seen in the picture below the linear diamond features straight lines that visually draw the eye to gaze deep into the centre, like being lost in a beautiful maze.

The Asscher brothers of Holland lay claim to this exquisite cut. Often called the “square emerald cut” and like an emerald cut, the Asscher has cropped corners.

Over the years the Asscher cut has gained royal status now many influential women have chosen to own one.

The Asscher cut diamond has gained notoriety in recent years its royal status has developed  the important cut to become desirable with celebrities and globally influential women. Kate Hudson received of a 5 ct Asscher Cut diamond on her engagement and Mariah Carey was given a $2.5 million dollar 17ct light pink Asscher cut diamond,  surrounded by 58 intense round brilliant cut pink diamonds.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Since then there has been a market demand for more stores to carry this extremely fashionable cut.
One of the most famous Asscher cut diamonds belonged to the now late Elizabeth Taylor. The 33.19 ct was given to her by Richard Burton, one can only imagine what he was thinking when he purchased the prized diamond. Formally known as the “Krupp” diamond and endearingly named by Ms Taylor as “My Baby” fetched an unheard figure of US $8.2 million after originally being purchased for US $305,000. At the time of sale it set a record price.

How to choose the perfect Asscher Cut diamond?

Whilst the shape of the diamond is a personal choice there are simple points to follow when buying the desired shape.

Equal four sides, the squarer, the better.
Table to depth percentage should be of a certain proportion. The advised table depth is 58 – 69.5% which is considered to be of excellent size.
The crown height, which is the height from the edge (girdle) to the top (table), is to be 10 -16.5%.
Ideal girdle thickness is technically known as thin to thick girdle. A very thin girdle means an extra threat to the safety of the diamond and an extremely thick girdle means wasted surface area.
Polish and Symmetry – Excellent – Very Good. Ideally as square as possible.

As the Asscher cut is designed to draw the eye into the diamond, you should always select the highest quality diamond you can afford.

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