Princess Cut Diamond
The princess cut is sometimes referred to as a square modified brilliant. However, while displaying the same high degree of brilliance, its faceting style is unique and completely different from that of a round brilliant. Effectively, princess cut diamonds combine the high degree of light return of a round brilliant cut with a distinctive square or rectangular shape.
The square princess cut diamond is usually slightly cheaper than round brilliant cut diamonds of the same carat weight because it retains about 80% of the rough diamond, as opposed to the round brilliant which retains only about 50% of the rough. The ability to retain more crystal weight makes this shape popular amongst diamond cutters.

The name “Princess Cut” was originally used in connection with another diamond cut, otherwise known as the “Profile” cut, designed by Arpad Nagy, a London cutter, in 1961. The same name was later used and made popular by Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz in Israel in 1979. A similar cut with only 49 facets, as opposed to the original 58 facets of the princess cut, was later branded the “Quadrillion” and initially distributed by Ambar Diamonds in Los Angeles. Three years of optical research yielded a square stone with faceting similar to that of a round brilliant cut diamond.
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