The emerald cut diamond is a stepped cut, the facets are in linear formations. Usually rectangular, and originally developed for cutting Emeralds, but well suited to other stones, such as diamonds.

Emerald cut diamonds are pure elegance and sophistication. A ring that we call “Audrey” is a fine example of the sophistication and elegance.

The emerald cut diamond shape

The emerald cut diamond is absolutely stunning with its long elegant lines, it tends to be less fiery than a round brilliant cut diamond, but also tends to have broader, more dramatic flashes of light.
The trim lines of emerald cut diamonds lend an elegant and sophisticated air to both the simplest and most elaborate ring settings.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Choosing an emerald cut diamond

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings
Emerald Cut Diamond Rings
Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

As illustrated above an Emerald cut comes in different shapes, The shape that suits you right is a choice that Emerald cut buyers make, based on personal preferences, there is no right or wrong it is simply a case of which shape emerald cut diamond do I like to see on my finger.

When purchasing emerald cut engagement rings, it is very important to pay attention to quality, and to select the highest quality diamond you can afford, because the emerald cut diamond has an openness within the cut; the flaws, colour, imperfections and a poor cut are more evident to the naked eye than a Brilliant cut diamond.

The good news for emerald cut diamond lovers is that they are not as traditional options for an engagement ring as the round brilliant cut diamond, or as trendy as the princess cut diamond, this makes the ring you choose more unique and certainly makes emerald cut engagement rings a more affordable commodity.

GIA certified Emerald cut diamonds are what we recommend to all our customers, and an example of an extremely beautiful Emerald cut diamond certificate is displayed for your attention.


Almost all of us have been given an amazing piece of jewellery or an heirloom, that we adore to be able to wear, but simply looks wrong or outdated. Only a very small portion of people actually take the time to create something special with the old and put it in the new.

Common excuses are:

  • We always wanted to do it, but never got around to it.
  • We did not know what to do with it.
  • We thought it would cost so much.

Well we can tell you, if we had a dollar for all those times when people said that, and then turned around to said, we should have done it a long time ago.

Old diamond rings are a beautiful thing to remodel, they are simply sitting in a drawer and gathering dust, at Australian Diamond Brokers, we can help design the Bespoke piece of jewellery that will make you proud for years to come.

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