Though a technical description of the heart shaped diamond is anything but sentimental (the heart shaped diamond is essentially a pear shape with a cleft at the top).

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring
This shape is considered to be the most romantic of all diamond cuts. The heart shaped diamond can be quite fiery, with excellent sparkle.

A beautiful new ring, featuring an pink heart shape diamond

Choosing a Heart Shaped Diamond

When purchasing a heart shaped diamond, it’s extremely important to pay attention to quality and to select the highest grade cut you can afford. While shape is not the same as cut, the skill of the cutter is critical with heart shaped diamonds. A diamond with a high grade cut, likely had a skilled cutter. Our minimum recommendations for buying heart shaped diamonds are as follows; (Please remember these recommendations are opinion only, and your tastes may vary).

Cut: Very Good
Colour: G
Clarity: SI2

Always be sure to check the length and width of the heart shaped diamond to make 100% sure it suits your finger. Heart shaped diamonds do require 4 claw settings.

Heart Shaped Diamond

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