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Designspiration for Using Diamonds in Jewellery

Do it yourself projects are all the rage, and are quite rewarding when you take the time to actually complete one. One of the main reasons people don’t do DIY projects is because of the time and skills required. This is especially true for any craftsman-type of project where tool skills would be required, such as jewellery. Creating hand-crafted jewellery out of precious metals and stones is not only costly to acquire the necessary tools and skills, but quite frustrating when things inevitably go wrong along the way.

A good way to avoid the pain that goes along with this is to focus your efforts on the design of your custom jewellery, and then commission a seasoned, professional jeweller to actually make the piece for you. If you are truly in love with the DIY ethos and need to learn to make jewelry yourself, consider taking a class and learning with more common metals and stones until you are happy with your level of skill.

To help you in your jewellery creation process, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite uses of diamonds in jewellery for you to incorporate into your own designs.


Nothing creates a truly extravagant result quite like a diamond-studded pendant. Pendants are the chandeliers of jewelry, and are the perfect compliment for white-tie events such as balls, dances, fundraisers, and fancy dinner parties. Derived from the French word “pendere,” meaning “to hang down,” pendants are most commonly made to be worn as either necklace or earring adornments.




Incorporating diamonds into a necklace is quite simple, and the results can range from an extravagant piece with so many diamonds hanging off of it that it would make a pendant necklace look conservative, to a very simple, elegant piece with a single stone hanging at the sternum. It really just depends on the type of statement you’re going after.




Because of their size and the occasions on which brooches are actually worn in modern society, it is difficult to imagine designing a diamond brooch without going all out. Similar to pendants in size, brooches are typically attached to the clothing and can range in shapes from geometric designs, organic forms such as birds and leaves, all the way to a bouquet of gemstone flowers all with diamond centers.




Diamond bracelet designs tend to fall in the same category as necklace designs: either over-the-top extravagance or very simple elegance. The key with bracelets is to determine whether you want something that achieves the same look all the way around the wrist, or if it’s a chain with custom charm pieces that can be attached or removed based on the wearer’s preferences.




These follow the same rules as bracelets, but there is the consideration of shoes to keep in mind. There are many beautiful anklet designs that can only be worn barefoot or with open-toe shoes. While these designs are elegant, they’re not practical for most events where heels would be required, so keep this in mind.



Hair pieces

Most diamond hairpieces are very floral in nature. Think of placing a flower in your hair and how the color and shape should compliment the entire outfit. The same applies for the diamond hair piece.





When it comes to earrings, we believe simplicity is key. There are plenty of pendant-style earrings out there, but the most striking earrings only use a handful of stones at most and highlight the face of the wearer.



Cheesy as the old saying ‘diamonds are forever’ may be, diamonds truly are the benchmark when it comes to fine jewellery. Many people only associate diamond use with engagement rings, but they are a versatile way to add adornment to nearly any type of adornment.

To make a real impression with your own jewelry, you can’t go wrong with diamonds.

by Australian Diamond Brokers : January 12th 2015 Come visit our store or browse our website to find out more.