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2014’s Most Popular Jewellery Trends: Themes, Styles, and Colours

shutterstock_142968To get an idea of where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. Looking back on 2014’s jewellery trends will give us some idea of what might be popular in 2015, so let’s reflect on what was happening in the world of jewellery over the last year.

Themes of 2014

Hard and soft elements are always a smart combination when it comes to jewellery. Strong metal accentuates soft lace in clothing, and masculine leather bands are softened with feminine feathers and fur.

2014 saw a rise in natural materials like shells, beads, ivory-inspired replicas, and amorphic pieces, often combined with asymmetrical and seemingly random patterns. There was also a return to ‘exotic’ styles of dress, with Creole-inspired, oversized, bamboo ear hoops, tribal collars with dangling fabric beaded tassels and hard resin cabochons, and bandana necklaces all reemerging.

Animal prints continued to be a staple in jewellery, with tough alligator skin cuffs, soft touches of fur and feather, and animal print patterns like snakeskin and cheetah spots seen on many runways.

The 60s and 70s made a comeback in 2014, with pastel-toned fur coats and jewellery designers obsessing over geometric shapes and funky, chunky pieces.

Colours of 2014

Radiant Orchid was 2014’s colour of the year, as announced by the Pantone Colour Institute. According to Pantone, Radiant Orchid (or colour #18-3224) “blooms with confidence and warmth” and is “a captivating, magical, enigmatic”. The colour contains “rosy undertones that radiate on the skin”.

Oranges and yellows in 2014 served to provide a cheery pop when paired with cooler blue tones, and give an exotic heat and energy when paired with the hot pinks and purples surrounding the colour palette of Radiant Orchid.

Blue continued to be a winning colour in 2014. Blues that were popular over the last year include cerulean, turquoise, and aqua. A shade of blue is usually colour of the year once every two years, so you can be confident that it will always be in trend.

Shapes of 2014

Geometric shapes forming strong lines that contrast with primary colours have been spotted all over the runways this year. Square geometric bracelets especially have made a comeback, a great accessory to pair up with some oval wrist cuffs.

Chevrons and pyramids creating zigzag effects and triangular points have also been trendy over the last year, pulling inspiration from the punk-rock trend that’s been popular for the last few years. Alongside the punk-rock trend, linked chains have also been seen, usually paired with a big statement piece to really pop. Chain necklaces especially have been trendy, the bigger the better.

Materials of 2014

Abalone is a great material for achieving the exotic look that’s been so popular last year, and it blends beautifully with almost every shade of blue – another popular 2014 trend.

Metals like sterling have represented a darker glamour, while the every-popular gold was seen in uniquely shaped necklaces and bold, large arm cuffs.

Leather fringed with fur has been seen on many a wrist cuff design this year, another pairing of harsh material with a softer, feminine texture.

Colourful gems and crystals are now hanging in multiple strands around the necks of runway models, not dissimilar to the crystals hanging from fake chandeliers of the 1980s.

Popular pieces of 2014

Stickpins re-emerged with the sudden growth of lapels in fashion, bringing plenty of room for a slim jewel to perch. Stickpins were also used to accentuate hair, hats, shirts, and skirts in 2014.

Body jewellery like belly rings, body chains, and ear cuffs made an enormous comeback last year, giving many jewellers a chance to increase their sales with these small, popular items.

Handlets, bracelets for the hand, are a newer and more exotic piece that’s sprung up in 2014. With intricate, Oriental inspired designs, handlets evoke imagery of wild beauty and an air of mystery.

Watches in 2014 were heavily inspired by men’s designs. While they seemed to decrease in popularity for awhile, watches are definitely returning to wrists everywhere. 2014 saw watches designed as elaborately or minimalistic as desired, with both styles in trend.

Stud earrings with bar and stick motifs were also popular in 2014, again designed to reflect the geometric style that was so in fashion over the last year.

Gigantic, minimalistic necklaces made a strong statement in 2014, replacing the multiple stranded necklaces of before. Loud necklaces were seen in striking forms such as giant flowers, medallions, or bold geometric shapes.

Single, pendant earrings also made an appearance on runways this winter. A huge, intricate, unusual earring easily becomes a piece of art when counterbalanced with masculine straight lines and cuts. The asymmetry of the look is attention grabbing, and was extremely trendy in 2014.

Collars, either made of thick monochrome leather or multifaceted intricate crystals, were a great way to blend your clothes and jewellery in 2014.

There was also a resurgence of multiple rings, stacked, layered, and perched on every finger. Rings connected to bracelets or handlets were also seen in 2014, another exotic style adapted by jewellery designers over the last year.

Now that you’ve had the rundown of what was popular in 2014, you can go on to expect a lot of stackable rings, bracelets, and necklaces in 2015, with more references to the 60s and 70s. Statement necklaces, whimsical colour combinations of purples and pinks, and lots of yellow gold is expected to show up in jewellery stores over the next year. Use this insider knowledge and be ahead of the trends this year!

by Australian Diamond Brokers : January 29th 2015 Come visit our store or browse our website to find out more.