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Are You Ready to Get Engaged? 12 Signs to Say Yes or No

Australian Diamond Brokers Oct 1b.jpgIt may well seem that everyone around you is either announcing an engagement, getting married, or has baby news. Spring is the time of new beginnings, and the favourite time of year for couples to announce that they are getting engaged. If you are thinking that it might be time to pop the question to your beloved partner, these 12 signs will help you pinpoint whether it’s the right time.

      • While you’re happy to have a big night out pubbing and clubbing with your friends, you love hanging out on the couch with your significant other.
      • You avoid wearing your clubbing clothes ,or have almost removed them from the wardrobe entirely (apart from that one set reserved for emergency outings).
      • You feel totally comfortable and at ease being yourself around the other person, and vice versa. This comes in many forms, and may include not wearing makeup, not hiding stretchmarks and other perceived imperfections, and wearing daggy clothes.
      • Sharing everything, especially finances, is not a big deal. You can’t remember when you started referring to the household budget as ‘our money’ rather than ‘my money’ and ‘your money.’
      • The idea of single life has lost its appeal, and no longer seems as fun as you once thought it was. You actually can’t imagine what life was like or would be like without your partner around, and feel pity for those stuck in the singles lifestyle.

Australian Diamond Brokers Oct 1b.jpg

      • You are so physically and/or mentally attracted to the other person that you don’t even consider looking at someone else. When you realise you don’t feel like you’re missing out on something better, you know it’s the right time to consider marriage.
      • Investing in a pet together is another sign you’re ready to get engaged, as a cat or dog is a long term commitment. Many couples consider getting a pet as practice for when they decide to have a baby.
      • You have started planning years in advance rather than having short term goals. This may include buying property together, or planning a future overseas trip.
      • Your partner’s flaws are not an issue in any way. Even the disgusting ones. Actually, come to think of it, some of them are quite cute…
      • You worry or think about the person when they are not around, and count the hours until you are reunited.
      • The other person’s well-being and happiness comes above all else. You would put yourself out just to make them happy.
      • You will eat garlic around them even if they’re not eating garlic too (it must be love!).


If you are experiencing most or all of these tell-tale signs, it might be time to bite the bullet and accept the fact that you are more than ready to pop the question and get engaged.

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by Australian Diamond Brokers : November 14th 2014 Come visit our store or browse our website to find out more.