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Amazing Engagement Rings from Pinterest

Throughout the ages, engagement rings have changed very little. Sure the style of the ring and cut of the gem may change with trends, but the symbolism and timeless elegance of each piece remains the same. While the circle shape of the ring evokes the idea of never-ending love, the jewel (usually a diamond, but not always) is said to be a symbol of the love the two people share.

Whatever style you decide on, one thing is certain: the price tag does not guarantee you a positive response!

Here are six of the more popular ring designs currently on Pinterest, with each getting over 500 re-pins:

This ring is the perfect combination of whimsy and elegance. The intricate outside and band are what really make this ring from Wandering Gypsy Bridal Guide a standout.

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Like a crown for your finger, this ring is the perfect expression of love from your significant other. The gold band perfectly complements the slight brown-tone of the centre stone
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There’s a fine line between a statement ring and a ring that’s ostentatious, and this ring lands perfectly on the statement side. The diamonds on the band balance the size of the ring beautifully.

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This oval shaped ring is the epitome of elegance. With understated detail-work around the exterior of the ring and a simple band, any girl would be thrilled to get this ring when proposed to.
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If you’re looking for a ring that says ‘princess’, then this is the style you should choose. The curlicues on the band are reminiscent of a fairy tale, and the choice of three simply-cut stones balances the intricacy of the band.
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With a design reminiscent of a kaleidoscope image, this ring is the perfect conversation-started. If you’re looking for something that will knock your partner off their feet, we recommend a ring like this.
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