Buying an Engagement Ring

3 Tips To Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

Welcome to the family – let the friendly team of experts help you with buying an engagement ring.

When you purchase a loose diamond or loose diamonds from Australian Diamond Brokers, you can be confident you are buying the best price diamond. We can then create or design a matching ring to go with your diamond. By buying a diamond and the ring from one vendor, you will be paying a better price than if you were to purchase a diamond or diamonds from a diamond merchant and then get a jeweller to create the ring for the diamond or diamonds. This is because the diamond merchant and the jeweller will be putting a mark-up on their product, whereas when our client buys a diamond and ring from us, our mark-up is lower because we are getting the whole business.

If a diamond engagement ring is the first diamond ring you are buying, here are three tips to help make your buying process easier.

1. How much to spend on the diamond engagement ring

Our recommendation is to spend however much you are comfortable spending on your diamond engagement rings. The often quoted statement of spending two month salary is actually a myth. At Australian Diamond Brokers, we believe that buying a diamond engagement ring should bring excitement and joy to you and your partner. Remember to buy the best you can afford, never compromise quality, you will have the diamond for life, We stock diamonds of extremely good quality, excellent cut diamonds, with GIA certificates, to give you years of happy ownership.

2. The design of the ring

Diamond engagement rings come in a wide variety of styles. You can also choose from the different type of metals available such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and even platinum. Our recommendation is to choose the ring design that matches your loved ones personality, taste and desires.

If your loved one prefers simplicity and elegance, go for a simple Solitaire diamond ring, This is a safe option, not many Women will knock back a beautiful Solitaire.

More and more women these days are instructing their partners clearly what they would like. The golden rule is do not break her heart and buy her what she wants.

If it is left up to the partner to decide, then here our award winning designer can help create a masterpiece that will leave you and your partner breathless. Visit our testimonials page to see what our customers have said about our designer engagement rings.

Our designers can also redesign your old jewellery in Sydney. 

You can find a range of our custom designs here on Instagram: @australiandiamondbrokers

or view a range of our most popular styles here: Solitaire Style Engagement Rings

3. The size of the diamond

The size of the diamond is an important factor when choosing an engagement ring, for different reasons, the most important being, size plays a big role on the price of the diamond.

The Carat weight is what is used to weigh diamonds, there are a 100 points in a Carat, and 5 carats equal a gram.
whilst a full carater is nice to have, smaller diamonds suit a lot of women better.

Choosing the size of the diamond, is a combination of wants, affordability and choice. Our diamond experts will help you choose the right diamond.

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