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Which Metals and Gemstones are Best for Your Skin Tone?

australiandiamondbrokers - Which Metals and Gemstones are Best for Your Skin Tone
When choosing jewellery, there’s more to consider than just the piece itself. For the best match, you will need to consider your skin tone, and select gemstones which will naturally look better on you. Jewellery will never look the same on two people, even if they’re wearing matching pieces. So, while the style and gemstone itself plays a big part in the look of jewellery, another big factor that influences its appearance is how it sits on you and your own skin. Matching a gemstone to your skin type can yield great results, so keep reading to learn which gemstones are the best for your skin tone.

Gold or silver?

Before looking at buying jewellery, it’s a good idea to find out which styles will work best for you. This is a quick and easy method (that, while a little subjective) can get you thinking about which metal works best with your skin. It will also help you to determine which skin tone you have. Don’t worry if you are not absolutely certain at this point – we’ll go into a little more detail later on.

You can easily find this out by following these steps:

  • Stand in front of a mirror with little or no makeup on.
  • Make sure you’re using natural lighting to take a look at your face.
  • Place a gold coloured piece of jewellery close to your face. Then, compare this by placing a bright silver coloured item of jewellery towards the other side of your face.
  • Compare the two colours and see which looks better.

Sometimes it can be hard to make a decision as to which jewellery better suits your skin. You should look to see which colour makes you look healthier. For example, pay attention to you eyes, skin tone and perceived quality. Ask yourself if one of the colours makes the skin under your eyes look darker, or if your teeth look more yellow with one colour. Which makes your skin seem alive? Gold or silver? And what makes it seem bland? These are some questions you can ask yourself to determine what works better. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to determine whether your skin is a warm or cool tone.

Is your skin a warm or cool tone?

If you can say for certain that either gold or silver suited you better, great! If you chose gold, then you have a warm skin tone and should choose jewellery with warmer undertones. If you chose silver, then you have a cool skin tone and should choose jewellery with cooler undertones.

For those with a ‘cool’ skin tone

If you chose silver, then you likely have a cool skin tone. You may notice pink or bluish undertones to your skin colour, and your skin colour can generally vary from fair skin to olive and tan skin. You will likely have blue veins and your eyes can be anything from light blue to dark brown in colour, while your hair can be blonde to brown.

If you feel like the silver item makes your skin appear clearer and helps to brighten your face, you would benefit from buying jewellery with cooler undertones. You should generally choose silver, platinum, white gold, stainless steel or titanium. You can complement these metals with gemstones such as pink diamonds, sapphires, amethyst, alexandrite, pearls, blue topaz, aquamarine and moonstone. Other gems will work too, but colours such as pink, bright red, different shades of blue, purple and milky whites will likely work the best for you. Obviously, you can mix and match between these precious metals and gems to get the perfect match, but using this guide as a starting point can go a long way in bringing a piece of jewellery to life on your skin.

For those with a ‘warmer’ tone skin

If you chose gold, then chances are you have a warmer skin tone and the gold colour makes you look fresher, more radiant and helps your skin to glow. There are two distinct types of skin that sit in the warmer tone area. You may have red or light blonde hair. Chances are that your veins are also green, rather than blue. Additionally those that tan easily or have darker coloured skin are also likely to have a warmer skin tone. Those with warm, dark skin also benefit from having more flexibility than other skin tones. In general, both gold and silver can work well for dark skin.

If you have red or strawberry blonde hair you will almost always be better off with warm tones of jewellery. However, steer clear of rose gold, as it will accentuate the pink undertone of your skin. The most choice is available for skin tones that range from olive to mediterranean. For those with darker skin, a similar amount of choice is available, however sometimes fine silver jewellery can get ‘lost’ and so, as such, gold is often a great choice – although both are possible. In terms of gemstones, yellow, orange and green stones such as yellow diamond, emerald, garnet, amber, ruby, prehnite, green opal and brown diamond are examples of stones which can work quite well.

There’s no hard and fast rules – choose what feels right

As you consider your skin tone, don’t be mistaken and think that this is where your options end. Indeed, these guidelines can help you on your way to choosing great jewellery and gemstones that suit you, however there’s also a lot of room to move. Don’t let your warm or cool skin tone stop you from wearing a spectacular piece of jewellery – or something that holds special significance for you. Your personal preference is also important, so don’t be locked into hard and fast rules. Instead, choose what feels right for you, using this guide as a starting place to find something that you love.

by Australian Diamond Brokers : March 15th 2017 Come visit our store or browse our website to find out more.