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10 Famous Pink Diamonds of the World



Like any fancy diamonds, pink diamonds are incredibly exclusive, expensive and sought-after all over the world. While most of them currently come from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, some were previously found in African and Indian mines. Pink diamonds can have different intensities and hues, which play an important role in defining their value. Keep reading to find out the most famous and valuable pink diamonds from all over the globe.

1. The Martian Pink

The Martian Pink is a rare, 12 carat pink diamond that belonged to US jeweller Harry Winston, who sold it in in 1976, the same year that the US sent a satellite to Mars (hence the name). The round brilliant-cut pink gemstone is mounted on an 18k gold, size 7 ring. It was bought in an auction held in Hong Kong in 2012, priced at $17.4 million.

2. The Noor-ul-Ain Diamond Tiara

The The Noor-ul-Ain Diamond, a 60-carat gem, was given to Empress Farah Diba in the form of a tiara when she married Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last shah of Iran. The centrepiece of the tiara is the famous pink diamond, surrounded by hundreds of coloured diamonds.


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3. The Star of the South

This amazing light pinkish-brown gemstone was found in 1853 in the Estrela do Sul (Star of the South) mine in Brazil. It weighs 128.48 carats, however, when it was discovered the weight is believed to have been of 254.5 carats. The light reflects white from the stone, while the refracted light has a definite rose hue. The stone is currently owned by Cartier and they acquired it in 2002.

4. The Unique Pink

This extremely rare 15.38 carat, pear-shaped pink diamond, set in a simple ring, it is believed to be the most expensive vivid pink diamond to ever be sold on an auction – where it was bought for $31.6 million. The colour of the diamond is meant to be quite vivid, according to David Bennett, a worldwide chairman of Sotheby’s International Jewellery. The diamond was sold in an auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva, in May, 2016.

5. The Aurora Butterfly of Peace

The Aurora Butterfly of peace, a diamond collection and artwork, is a compilation of 240 fancy coloured diamonds, featuring all colours of the rainbow. The total weight is of 167 carats. Its shape resemble the one of a butterfly, hence the name. While some diamonds include purples from Russia, blues and oranges from South Africa and greens from Brazil, the collection includes dozens of pink fancy diamonds, mainly from the Argyle Mine in WA.


Image Credit: Abronsteinwiki

6. The Hortensia Diamond

The Hortensia diamond is a 20 carat, pale orangy-pink gemstone. Its shape is quite flat, rectangular and cut on five sides, giving it a five-sided pavilion. However, this stone is not perfect – it has a huge crack that extends across the whole diamond. The Hortensia Diamond has quite a royal background, having belonged to the Crown Jewels of France and worn by the Queen of Holland, Hortense de Beauharnais (hence the name). Currently, it is displayed at the Louvre in Paris, France.

7. The Pink Sunrise

The Pink Sunrise diamond is an intense pink-coloured gemstone that weighs 29.78 carats. It was made famous by the prestigious diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky, who cut the diamond in either Belgium or Antwerp into a modified heart-shape. It is believed to be internally flawless, and it is consider very rare. The existence of this diamonds was only revealed to the public at the beginning of the 21st Century.

8. The Darya-ye Noor

The Darya-ye Noor, or “Sea of Light”, is a 182 carat gemstone, pale pink in colour, which has its origins at the Golconda mines in India. Passed down through the Mughal emperors in India, it found its way to Iran where research teams believe that the diamond was part of an even larger diamond that was divided into two pieces. Now featured as part of the Iranian Crown Jewels, the Darya-ye Noor is currently showcased at the Central Bank of Iran, in Tehran.


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9. The Pink Star (formerly the Steinmetz Pink Diamond)

The Pink Star, formerly known as the Steinmetz pink diamond, is a huge 59.60 carat, oval-shaped vivid pink diamond. It was cut and polished from a 132.5 carat rough diamond, mined from South Africa circa 1999. The Pink Star diamond currently holds impressive records, such as being the biggest pink fancy vivid diamond ever discovered as well as its price, being sold in an auction in Geneva in 2014 for $83 million! The lucky buyer was diamond-cutter Isaac Wolf, who bought is as an investment. It is also famous for being extraordinary in size and exceptionally rich in colour, surpassing all others known to exist in government, royal or private collections.

The previous name eludes to the diamond’s previous owner, The Steinmetz Group, who cut the stone into a mixed cut, featuring an oval shape with a brilliant cut pavilion. It took almost two years to complete. On May, 2003, the impressive gemstone was displayed to the public for the first time in a public ceremony in Monaco.


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10. The Graff Pink

The Graff Pink diamond falls in the top 1 to 2% of diamonds in terms of purity, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Its colour is exceptional and it features an emerald cut. This stone was previously owned by Harry Winston, a world renowned York jeweler who has possessed a number of famous diamonds. He kept it in his private collection for more than 60 years, when it was auctioned in 2010 in Geneva and purchased by Laurence Graff, a legendary diamond collector known as the “King of Bling.” He paid  $46.2 million, which, at the time, was the most expensive diamond in the world.

When Graff decided to buy it, he had plans to make it even more valuable than it was. Using cutting-edge technology, experts were able to eliminate potential defects considered as flaws, such as blemishes. Graff also planned to intensify the colour of the diamond, which can be achieved through cut.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are beautiful, priceless gemstones. They are not just jewellery, but true collection items that will only increase their value in time and deserve to be showcased. In addition, they make an excellent investment opportunity for the savvy investor. To discover the investment range offered by Australian Diamond Brokers, visit our site today.

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