Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamonds are one of the most elegant and ladylike of all the diamond cuts. Stepped, often rectangular cut, with the facets in linear formations. Originally developed for cutting emeralds, but well suited to other stones such as diamonds, the emerald cut speaks of pure elegance and sophistication.

The emerald cut diamond shape

The emerald cut diamond is absolutely stunning with its long elegant lines. While it tends to be less fiery than a round brilliant cut diamond, it often produces broader, more dramatic flashes of light and its trim lines lend a sophisticated air to even the simplest of ring settings.

Its unique look is the result of the step cuts of its pavilion and its large, open table which produces a hall-of-mirrors effect due to the interplay of light and dark planes.

An emerald cut comes in many different shapes and the shape chosen by the cutter or purchaser is based purely on personal preference, with no right or wrong shape other than what looks best on the finger of the wearer.

Visit the GIA website for their official description of cut.

What to look for in emerald cut diamonds

When purchasing emerald cut diamonds, it is very important to pay attention to quality and to select the highest quality diamond you can afford, because the emerald cut diamond has an openness within the cut and any flaws and imperfections will be more evident to the naked eye.

The good news for emerald cut diamond lovers is that these diamonds are not seen as traditional options for engagement rings as much as round brilliant cut diamonds, or considered as trendy as princess cut diamonds, which makes the emerald cut diamond you choose more unique and a more affordable commodity.

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Experts you can trust

For more than 40 years, Australian Diamond Brokers have been helping new and experienced buyers select and display their favourite diamonds and gemstones. We are passionate about what we do and we have the expertise to ensure you receive the best quality stones your budget will allow, as we buy only the best across all price points.

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