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Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond weight (carat)

Diamond weight and other gemstones are weighed in metric carats, with one carat being equal to 0.2 grams. A carat is divided into 100 points (i.e. a 50-point diamond weighs 0.50 carats), but two diamonds of equal carat weight can have very different values depending on other factors such as clarity, colour, and cut.

The carat takes its name from the carob seed which early gem traders used as units of weight on their scales when weighing gemstones because of their uniform size. The weight of an average carob seed is 200 milligrams, which is why the weight of one carat is also 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. The metric carat was introduced in the United States in 1913 and other countries began to adopt its use soon after that.

But while carat weight is an important consideration, it should never be the sole deciding factor when purchasing diamonds. as it does not dictate the beauty of a diamond. If a diamond is cut well, it can be as much as 20% larger (have more spread) and be far more dazzling than a poorly cut diamond of the same weight.

If a large carat weight is important to you however, remember that diamond prices increase at full and half carat weights. So if you’re buying on a budget, selecting a diamond that is just below those weights will significantly reduce your costs and the small size difference that’s involved will be almost impossible to detect.

At Australian Diamond Brokers, we select our diamonds for their overall beauty, taking into consideration all of the 4Cs; their colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. We have a wide range of diamonds and gemstones at a variety of price points, allowing you to select a stone that’s perfect for your taste and budget. And if it’s a big impressive rock that you’re after, we can find you the perfect balance between size, weight, and visual appeal.

Learn more about the official GIA description of carat here.

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