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Diamond Cut

The Cut of the diamond determines how well it reflects light. When a diamond is well cut, the light is reflected from one facet to another, and is then dispersed through the top of the stone, making the diamond dazzling to the eye.

However, if a diamond is cut too deep some of the light escapes through the opposite side of the pavilion, brilliance is lost, and the center of the diamond will appear dark. If a diamond is cut too shallow, light escapes through the pavilion before it can be reflected, again brilliance is lost and the diamond will appear glassy and dark.

Diamond Cuts

Cut is the hardest aspect for any diamond cutter or polisher to master, however modern day certificates assist you in making the right decision. GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) is the most respected of all diamond certificates and assesses cut ranging from Excellent as the best all the way down to Poor as the worst. At Australian Diamond Brokers we only stock Excellent cut diamonds that have been hand picked to maximise brilliance.

Cut only applies to round brilliant cut diamonds. Fancy Cut diamonds i.e. princess cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds etc do not receive a cut grading from GIA. We will cover this in each and every fancy shape’s cut grade. An excellent cut diamond is your assurance that the diamond has maximum brilliance. It also means that all the measurements, each and every depth percentage, crown angle and table percentage etc all are within the ‘excellent’ range.

GIA is so strict that if any of these percentages or angle measurements only score a ‘Very good’, then the WHOLE grading of the cut drops from an Excellent to a Very Good.

A very common question that is asked to us is can we see the difference between an excellent cut diamond and a very good cut diamond. The plain answer is the follow; to the eye there is very little difference between an excellent cut diamond and a very good cut diamond.

Hearts and Arrows is a modern term commonly used by most industry workers for the public to view and see eight hearts from the back of a diamond, view from the culet. And eight arrows clearly showing, viewed from the table under a heart and arrow scope ( a small device manufactured for that purpose).

At Australian Diamond Brokers, we are certified diamond graders from the Gemmological Institute of America and the Diamond High Council in Antwerp and it is our duty to show you and explain to you why one diamond’s cut is better than another.