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Diamond Colour

Diamond colour

Diamond colour is a very important factor when it comes to value. Diamonds are valued by how closely they approach colourlessness – the less colour in white diamonds, the higher the value. However there is an exception to this rule, as coloured diamonds are valued by how vivid their colour is.

White diamonds

GIA’s colour grading scale for diamonds is the industry and international standard. The scale begins with the letter D, representing colourless and continues with increasing colour to the letter Z, which is essentially light yellow or brown.

Each letter grade isn’t an exact colour, but has a clearly defined range of colours, meaning a diamond of D colour at the top of the range will be whiter, while a diamond near the bottom of the range will look more like an E colour.

White diamond engagement rings are the most sought after and if you are considering a white diamond, G to H colour diamonds are the most popular, as they do not display a yellow tinge.

I to J colour diamonds can also look white under natural daylight, but the majority of Australia’s engagement rings sold in Sydney would be the colourless range (D to F).

The beauty of the colourless diamond has captured women’s imaginations for centuries and the world’s most exceptional women are likely to have at least one colourless diamond in their wardrobe.

For further reading see this official GIA website information.

Brown, Champagne or Chocolate coloured diamonds

Diamonds occur in many colours, with the most common being brown or light yellow. Brown diamonds have been marketed over the years as Champagne and Cognac in colour and in 2014 an Australian firm started marketing the Argyle Champagne diamond as the Australian Argyle Chocolate Diamond. Chocolate diamonds do not fetch the high prices white diamonds do, making them a more affordable way of owning a large diamond.

Pink Colour Diamonds

Pink diamonds are among the rarest diamonds, demanding huge premiums and Pink Diamonds have tripled in value over the past decade, making the Australian Pink diamond one of the rarest and most sought after gems in the world.

The Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia’s Kimberley region is expected to be depleted within just a few years and with no other source of these diamonds available, their price is predicted to keep rising.

At Australian Diamond Brokers we love pink diamonds and we have a handpicked selection of some of the finest investment quality pink diamonds in Sydney. They range in colour intensity from Fancy Pink and Fancy Purplish Pink up to Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink and Fancy Red.

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Australian Diamond Brokers began in 1977 and our 40 years of experience have seen us become one of the country’s leading diamond experts. We can help you find the perfect diamonds or gemstones and work with you if required to create a piece of jewellery that displays them to their best advantage.

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