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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds have a square or square-rectangular shape with rounded corners and 58 brilliant-style facets that resemble a pillow shape. Unlike today’s full cut diamonds, they have very thin girdles and bigger culets and older cushion cuts return light in blocky patterns while newly cut ones create needle like patterns.


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Beginnings and rise in popularity of cushion cut diamonds

When the cushion cut was popular a few hundred years ago, the dominant style of diamond faceting at the time was known as step-cutting. Then during the 17th century, cutters began to experiment with perpendicular rather than horizontal facets that acted as reflectors and gave stones greater brilliance and fire.

This new style became known as “brilliant cutting” because of the greater glitter it gave to diamonds and when the first true round brilliant was introduced in the late 19th century, it replaced the antique cushion.

After falling out of fashion for some time, cushion cuts then became popular again about ten years ago and their popularity has increased ever since as designers and antique dealers continue to use them.

Cushion cut diamonds are especially popular in larger carat earrings and also as centre stones in engagement rings. While some modern jewellery designers view the cushion cut as an antique style, others including Australian Diamond Brokers, see it as an enduring classical style that can be easily adapted to present day needs.

Buying cushion cut diamonds – what you need to know

When buying cushion cut diamonds, look for good clarity and colour. Also check for soundness, because due to their very thin girdles, cushion cuts found on older engagement rings are often chipped. Also look for cushion cuts that are symmetrical, as those that are uneven may be difficult to use.

Experienced jewellery designers will choose a mounting that’s appropriate for the softer reflections and refractions of a cushion cut, so if you want that classic antique look in your jewellery, talk to us at Australian Diamond Brokers about beautiful cushion cut diamonds.

A trusted name for over 40 years

Established in Sydney in 1977, our 40+ years of experience has made Australian Diamond Brokers Australia’s most trusted diamond graders and jewellery design experts.

Our diamond graders can help you choose the perfect stones for your taste and budget and our jewellery designers can create a setting that does justice to their beauty.

We urge you to visit our showroom soon to chat with our experts about your ideas. We want every customer to be totally satisfied with their buying decision, so we make sure your time with us is not only informative, but memorable as well.

And you’ll be pleased to know that Australian Diamond Brokers abides by the Kimberley Process, which means we only deal in conflict-free diamonds. So you can buy from us with confidence knowing your diamonds are ethically sourced from trusted suppliers.

If we don’t have it, we can source it for you

We’re extremely proud of our diamond collections, including our extensive range of white, pink, and yellow diamonds and we invite you to come into our Sydney showroom to browse them in person. We have a convenient location in the heart of the CBD, opposite the MLC Centre at 70 Castlereagh Street, between Chanel and Bvlgari.

Our operating hours are between 9am and 5pm on week days, or you can book for a private consultation any time between 5 and 7pm on Thursday evenings or between 10.30am and 3pm on Saturdays. You’re also welcome to call us any time on 02 9232 2328.

Whether it’s for your personal collection or to adorn someone you love, we look forward to meeting you soon and helping you create something beautiful in diamonds at Australian Diamond Brokers, the trusted name in diamonds for over 40 years.

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