Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds were developed in 1902 by the Asscher family, the asscher cut is a stepped, square cut featuring cropped corners and straight lines which visually draw the eye deeper into the centre, like being lost in a beautiful maze.

The Asscher brothers of Holland lay claim to this exquisite cut, which over the years has gained royal status, with many influential women today choosing to own one. Kate Hudson for example received a 5ct asscher cut diamond to celebrate her engagement and Mariah Carey was given a $2.5 million 17ct light pink asscher cut diamond, surrounded by 58 intense round brilliant cut pink diamonds.

The perfect Asscher cut diamond. D colour and flawless clarity.

One of the most famous asscher cut diamonds of all belonged to the late, great Elizabeth Taylor; a 33.19ct stone given to her by Richard Burton. Formally known as the Krupp diamond and endearingly named by Ms Taylor as My Baby, it was originally purchased by Burton for US $305,000 and later fetched a record price at sale of US $8.2 million

How to choose the perfect Asscher cut diamond

Whilst the shape of the diamond is a personal choice, there are some simple points to follow when buying the desired shape:

  • Equal four sides – the squarer it is, the better.
  • Table to depth percentage – the advised table depth is 58 – 69.5%, which is considered to be of excellent size.
  • Crown height – this is the height from the edge (girdle) to the top (table) and should be 10 –16.5%.
  • Girdle thickness – this needs to be ideal, as a very thin girdle means a threat to the safety of the diamond and an extremely thick girdle means wasted surface area.
  • Polish and symmetry – ranges from Excellent – Very Good and should ideally be as square as possible.

As the asscher cut is designed to draw the eye into the diamond, you should always select the highest quality diamond you can afford and at Australian Diamond Brokers, we take exceptional care in selecting only the most beautiful asscher cut diamonds for you.

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