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Australian Diamond Brokers – White Diamonds

Searching for a truly spectacular white diamond for an engagement ring, anniversary present or milestone birthday? At Australian Diamond Brokers we can help you find a truly unique white diamond that will exceed your expectations.

Diamonds are forever

White diamonds make the ultimate centerpiece in jewellery, representing eternal love. Whether you are looking for a single white diamond for a unique engagement ring or want a few smaller white diamonds to highlight and compliment a large gemstone in a piece of jewellery, there’s no doubt that white diamonds are the classic jewellery choice that simply won’t date.

Like snowflakes, no two diamonds are the same. This romantic notion in itself is the perfect reason why so many people choose white diamonds to represent their love.

Diamond Standards

In the middle of the twentieth century the GIA came up with a global standard by which diamonds are evaluated, and this system is still used today. The system uses four benchmarks to describe a diamond’s quality: Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. When looking for your white diamond it’s important to understand what you are looking for in the highest quality diamond that your budget allows.

The 4 C’s explained:

  • Colour – The colour of a white diamond actually refers to the absence thereof. The less tint or pigment found in a white diamond, therefore the more colourless and the higher the value.
  • Cut – The cut of a diamond references the way that the facets of a diamond are able to reflect light and shine with brilliance. This is not to be confused with the shape of the diamond.
  • Clarity – Naturally formed diamonds have inclusions hidden within them and often external blemishes too. These will have an impact on how they are able to reflect light and sparkle. The less inclusions and blemishes, the higher the diamond quality.
  • Carats – This simply is the unit system devised to measure the weight of a diamond. 200 milligrams is one metric ‘carat’ and each carat can be divided into 100 points.

White Diamonds at Australian Diamond Brokers

For over 30 years, Australian Diamond Brokers have been helping Australians source unique, one of kind white diamonds at affordable prices.

With our in-house certified diamond graders and award winning design team, you can be sure that we will guide you every step of the way with the purchase of your diamond in an environment that is comfortable, relaxed and professional.

View our online diamond search tool now and find the diamond you’re looking for. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your search, please phone us on 02 9232 2328 or send us an email at sales@australiandiamondbrokers.com and let us help. Alternatively you can drop into our showroom located on Castlereagh St between Bvlgari and Chanel in Sydney CBD. We are open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, or by appointment 5pm-7pm Thursday evenings and 10.30am-3pm Saturdays.

Let our diamond experts help you find a spectacular white diamond perfect for that engagement ring, anniversary present or milestone birthday gift.