Handmade vs Casted

handmade_imageAustralian Diamond Brokers has a combined talent pool of 100 years of jewellery manufacturing experience, the designer and main diamond setter has over 40 years of manufacturing experience. In 1977 when Varoujan first started making jewellery and setting the gemstones, everything was made by hand from scratch.

The gold and platinum wires were pulled through a rolling machine, the ring was formed through the twisting and flattening of pieces of metal, heating them to melting points, hammered and forged to the shapes desired.

Gold or platinum was strengthened through the forging process, air bubbles were eliminated, rendering the metal strong and durable Rings or necklaces were made to last 100 years plus.

How does the hand making process work?

  • Melting the metal and pouring it into a 6 mm bar.
  • Pulling the bar through a steel roller under 1500 kg pressure to make it finer (bonding the molecules closer getting rid of any air bubbles.
  • Heating the fine rod and hammering it to the desired shape.
  • Filing and forming the band.
  • Attaching the wires of the settings to the band using hard solder.
  • Attaching the top to the band.
  • Setting the gemstones into the hardened metal.
  • Hand polishing the piece to remove all scratches.
  • The piece of jewellery is manufactured to perfection.
  • Ensuring to give the wearer a lifetime of happiness and pride.



Then came Casting with technology, the process was fast to produce hundreds of rings in a matter of hours, the hunger to mass produce and make more money in the process…

Whilst it’s great to make more money rapidly, it is our belief at Australian diamond brokers that jewellery is meant to be an heirloom, to be enjoyed now, look beautiful, and passed down to generations to come. The joy and pride of children inheriting a special piece of jewellery is undescribable, remembering and rejoicing a grandmother’s special piece or a mother’s ring, has that very special emotional bond.

Think about it – for example your grandparents or great grandparent’s rings have lasted the test of time because they were made by hand with forged metal.

The major difference between handmade and casted rings is the strength in the metal, particularly the strength in the claws. Unfortunately many produced rings on display in almost every jewellery store have NOT been hand made, but have instead been casted to keep costs down… This is detrimental to the durability of the ring.